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SUFF Academy was established on the 26 September 2009, in partnership with Tvibit Youth Culture House and the Nordic Youth Film Festival as a youth development organization.

Why We Are The Best?

At SUFF Academy, our commitment to holistic youth development, strategic partnerships, and forward-thinking initiatives sets us apart as leaders in shaping the innovators of tomorrow.

About SUFF Academy

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SUFF Academy
Dare to make the impossible possible!
Don’t be afraid to fail!
Dare to make a difference and change the world!
Never forget where you come from!
Be sure to review and encourage other!



National and Regional Impact Initiatives:

Create national and regional dialogues, social innovation challenges, and other events across the region to develop 21st century digital skills, foster social entrepreneurship, provide leadership training opportunities, and raise awareness about the SDGs, all for young people in the African continent.

Youth Empowerment Alliances

Youth Empowerment Alliances to support young entrepreneurs – particularly young women and marginalized youth from underserved communities– by connecting them with resources, mentors, partners, and other in-kind support to develop their ideas into viable business models for sustainable social impact.

Advocacy for Youth-Oriented Policies

Youth-oriented and youth-friendly policies, being developed and adopted, on a national and regional level through thought leadership and a multi- stakeholder platform for engagement, especially engaging with national level agencies and institutions to ensure no youth is left behind.

Action-Oriented Research for Informed Engagement

Action-oriented research that informs and improves all aspects of engagement with the youth participants. Better programme delivery, greater awareness of existing challenges, improved understanding of the core thematic areas affecting youth like Climate Change, Gender Inclusivity, Marginalization, Digital Disruption and more.


Youth-Centric SDG Implementation
Establishing a common agenda to invest in and empower South African youth for the accelerated implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Focusing on technology, skills development, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and creating decent jobs for youth not in employment, education, and training (Y-NEET).
Youth Co:Labs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Developing 21st-century skills among the youth through initiatives like Youth Co:Labs. Catalyzing and sustaining youth-led start-ups and social enterprises, positioning young people at the forefront to address pressing challenges in South Africa and the region.
Stakeholder Collaboration and Policy Support
Working closely with diverse stakeholders, including governments, civil society, and the private sector across Africa. Strengthening the youth development ecosystem by fostering collaborations and providing policy support to empower young people to lead innovative solutions aligned with the SDGs.


Digital Skills - is a free self-paced learning and enablement platform. The platform will empower youth with digital skills and tools to help improve their day to day life, allowing them access to a wider range of opportunities. Young people will learn about emerging technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Science & Analytics, and Security. Moreover, the participants will have access to different platforms where they can build solutions online.
Skills Development
Skills Development
To succeed in the 21st century labor market, one needs a comprehensive skill set composed of: 1. Cognitive skills, which encompass the ability to understand complex ideas, adapt effectively to the environment, learn from experience, and reason. Foundational literacy and numeracy as well as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are cognitive skills. 2. Socio-emotional skills, which describe the ability to navigate interpersonal and social situations effectively, and include leadership, teamwork, self-control, and grit. 3. Technical skills, which refer to the acquired knowledge, expertise, and interactions needed to perform a specific task, including the mastery of required materials, tools, or technologies. 4. Digital skills, which are cross-cutting and draw on all of the above skills, and describe the ability to access, manage, understand, integrate, communicate, evaluate, and create information safely and appropriately.
Entrepreneurship Skills - directly empowering young aspiring or inspiring entrepreneurs. Building the capacity of ecosystem partners to better support youth entrepreneurship and working with governments and the private sector to strengthen the enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship.
Social Innovation
Social Innovation
All over Africa, young people are responding to present day challenges with innovative approaches and fresh ideas, building bridges and creating the world they want. They are leading development for themselves, their communities and their societies.

Vision: To create an international network of young digital entrepreneurs driving positive change.

Mission: To empower young people with digital skills and entrepreneurship knowledge.

Suff Academy - South Africa
The Youth Digital Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (Y-DEEP) is a game-changer in the realm of youth development and empowerment in Africa. At SUFF Academy, we believe that equipping young minds with cutting-edge digital skills and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for unlocking their full potential. Through Y-DEEP, we have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded partners, share best practices, and create a thriving ecosystem that transcends borders.
Sote Hub - Kenya
Over the past four years, we've supported over 300 startups in the two sectors, through business incubation/acceleration with a 70% success rate. Through strategic partnerships we amplify our impact across Eastern Africa, significantly contributing to the growth and sustainability of ocean-related initiatives. We equally run hackathons and digitisation projects.
Kyusa Academy - Uganda
The Youth Digital Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (Y-DEEP) represents a beacon of hope for Africa's youth, igniting their potential to create positive social impact through entrepreneurship. At Kyusa Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing socially conscious entrepreneurs who are driven to address the most pressing challenges facing our communities.


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Towards Solutions for Youth Employment

Next Move

We are looking into new areas that can boost the chances of employment for young people around the world:
1. Digital Age Impact – the technological revolution is fundamentally changing work and relationships, but this shift is unevenly felt across the world.
2. Skills Gap – in order to fill the skills gap, opportunities for all, especially the most vulnerable, must be improved.
3. Quality Jobs – quantitative unemployment measurements do not reflect quality of employment and deeper understandings of today’s working conditions is required.
4. Entrepreneurship and self-employment – Young people are 1.6 times more likely than adults to display entrepreneurial activity and this can be encouraged.
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